Our Services

Developed more than 20 years ago Floorkotes technology is the original polyurethane flooring solution.

Our Protective coatings are based on polyurethanes, have a tough chemical makeup and proven effectiveness.

We are first to introduce clear coating that provides different grades of clear lacquers for wood, metal and floors.

We offer seamless high performance flooring system with high chemical, bacterial and abrasion resistance.

Our seamless wall coating provides a clean, hygienic, durable and aesthetic surface finish for industrial, commercial.

The hygienic floor and wall coatings we provide are seamless, non porous and durable.

Our advanced car park coating is scientifically formulated to provide long lasting protection.

Our thermal insulating coating service effectively blocks the transfer of heat and maintains the temperature of homes.

We provide a complete line of epoxy flooring, coatings, & industrial urethane concrete mortars.

Roof leakage coatings offered by us effectively prevent seepage from concrete roofs and ACC sheets.

We offer high-quality and technically progressive adhesives and sealants that meet your stringent requirements.

We are first to introduce India's first moisture curing urethanes that are classified as type II and ASTM D 16.